• Ski helmet with modern technology

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    Winter sports lovers who love to film their frenzy are no longer required to use GoPro cameras. The Australian company Forcite Helmet Systems has developed a technologically advanced ski helmet called Alpine, which offers the user many useful features.

    Australia is a country where snow will not be seen, but it is the company Forcite Helmet Systems, has created a ski helmet Alpine, which will soon be seen on the most popular slopes of the world. Protecting the user’s head during a fall is a secondary function here because the product has many other uses.

    Its biggest advantage is the built-in Full HD 160-degree field of view, which allows you to shoot movies at 120 frames per second. Thus, with its help, particularly spectacular scenes recorded in slow motion. Of course there is an image stabilization system that is very useful for bumpy journeys, as well as a set of small reflectors that illuminate the road and illuminate the recording.

    Alpine also has a Bluetooth module that you can use to communicate with our smartphone, so you can listen to your music through the built-in stereo helmet speakers, as well as make phone calls, where an integrated noise-canceling microphone is useful. The Bluetooth module also provides wireless communication with other helmet users at a distance of 50 meters.

    This is not all the advantages of this product. The helmet is equipped with an impact sensor that detects the fall, as well as an emergency transmitter that sends GPS coordinates and user height information. The transmitter activates automatically at the moment of impact or can be turned on manually.

  • Ovation behind the wheel drowns instinctive reactions

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    There is no doubt that using a smartphone while driving a car and writing text messages during this time is a serious threat, so it is a traffic violation. However, the researchers found that not only distracted the attention, but also suppressed instinct.

    Instinct is a sense that helps to prevent distraction and protects us from the threat of life. Unfortunately, this sense does not always work as it should, and is probably the worst one when driving a car, we write a smartphone text message.

    University of Houston researchers have decided to see if this is indeed the case and have conducted their own research on several volunteers who have traveled four times over the selected stretch of highway. During the first drive the drivers were fully focused on the road, but during the subsequent passes several methods were used to dispel their attention.

    The first test was a cognitive challenge, a second emotional one, and the third was the SMS writing on the smartphone. It turned out that in the third test the participants achieved the worst results.

    So why different forms of distraction give different results? One of the researchers participating in the test explains that simultaneous cognitive, emotional and sensory motor conflict significantly increases stress levels. This causes our motorbike to begin to fail, which can result in poorer reflexes as well as poorer coordination of movements, making the driver less confident.

  • Breathalyzer on the wrist

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    Milo Sensors has developed a practical breathalyzer and the size of a typical smart strap. A small bracelet monitors and warns the presence of alcohol in the body.

    Consuming even a small amount of alcohol, such as a business meeting, may result in your blood sugar limit being exceeded. Not to mention those who do not realize that a few hours sleep may not be enough to regenerate after a heavily drunk party. Anyway, it is worth being sure of total sobriety before you sit behind the wheel.

    So far used breathalyzers, although they fulfill their primary function, are hardly to be called excessively comfortable to use. Milo Sensors has decided to do something about it and has created a model that we can always have with us and not be afraid we will lose it. The product called Proof is a breathalyzer worn in the form of a wrist strap.

    It is equipped with special electrochemical sensors and replaceable cartridges that allow you to analyze the skin’s metabolites. The measurement results are then sent to the app on a smartphone with an Android or iOS platform. In this way, the user can control the blood alcohol level on an ongoing basis.

  • Will the Lumia 950 and 950 XL debut in October?

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    New models of Lumia smartphones have attracted great interest from customers. Especially, it will be really interesting equipment. There are many people waiting for their presentation, but they will have to be patient. It is said that smartphones will be shown not at the IFA, but only in October.

    Microsoft recently boasted that it sold 100 million Lumia devices. It is very little if you compare this score with other manufacturers, so the Redmond giant must adapt its strategy to market requirements to increase its interest in its own products.

    It has long been said that Microsoft is lacking in flagship models that could compete with Samsung, Apple or LG products. The company has taken into account the needs of the market and is therefore working on the new Lumia 950 (Talkman) and its larger variant, the Lumia 950 XL (Cityman). Both products will have an impressive technical specification, ranging from large Quad HD screens, through the powerful Snapdragon 810 processors with 3GB of RAM, to 20MP cameras finishing.

  • Autonomous Honda motorcycle

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    Motorcycles, unlike cars, rarely receive new technology that provides them with greater comfort or improved driving safety. Honda decided to change it and introduced the Riding Assist technology, which significantly reduces the risk of dump.

    Motorcycles are not too stable and maneuvers are easy during low speed maneuvers. Self-elevation of such a weighing machine often exceeds 200 kg is then severely hampered.

    Honda engineers have developed the Riding Assist technology, which significantly reduces the risk of such a dump. Technology uses gyroscopes to improve the balance of the vehicle. It controls the swing of the motorcycle on a regular basis to compensate for the gyroscope. Interestingly enough, the technology is so efficient that it allows the paddler to follow the owner himself, for example, in the car park.

  • Ready for human trials

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    The new method of fighting Parkinson’s is already ready for the first human test. A technique developed by Harvard scientists is to implant a special mesh into the patient’s brain. According to researchers, this will also help to combat other neurological diseases.

    Parkinson’s disease is now completely incurable and sooner or later ends with the patient’s death. Over the past few years, scientists have been working on ways to delay its development, and one of the promising ideas to combat this dreaded disease is Harvard University researchers.

    A team of researchers announced last year that it has created a special mesh that is injected into the patient’s brain to help Parkinson’s disease and other neurological diseases. After the success of the mouse tests, the new technique is ready for the first clinical trials in humans.

    The grid created by the researchers is made of gold and polymers and is so thin that it can be fitted into the needle of the syringe and its attachment is uncomplicated. All you need to do is make a small hole in your skull so you can connect it to your computer.

    The connection is necessary for the time being as it allows for ongoing monitoring of brain activity and provide it with electrical impulses that prevent neuronal deaths due to the development of the disease. In the future, scientists plan to equip the grid with an implanted power source and a control computer, eliminating the need to connect the cables to the computer.

  • Samsung at IFA won two medals for energy efficient televisions

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    SEAD Global Efficiency Medals are awarded exclusively for those solutions that have the potential to change the trend of energy consumption, are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

    Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has won two SEAD Global Efficiency Equipment and Appliance Deployment Awards this year for energy efficient low and mid-range TVs. The most environmentally friendly TVs available in Europe are UE26EH4000 (26 “) and UE40EH5000 (40”).

    The Clean Energy Ministerial promotes the production and sale of energy-efficient products in different regions. After honoring Europe’s most energy-efficient televisions in Europe, the SEAD Awards will be given to televisions on other continents, which will mark an international winner in October.

  • Smart shoes for runners

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    Modern technology has also come to the footwear for athletes. Sensoria and Vivobarefoot have developed a new model for such runners, which, thanks to built-in sensors, allow them to run faster and more safely.

    To achieve today’s results in sports, it is not enough to rely solely on the coach’s experience, as it is not very useful at present. Nowadays, modern technologies are used to analyze the progress of exercise and to identify which components need to be improved in order to achieve a better effect.

    Such technology is becoming more and more common in running shoes and a new type of footwear was presented by Sensoriai and the famous manufacturer of sports shoes Vivobarefoot. The shoes are equipped with two microprocessors and four sensors located near the heel. Using GPS, they measure, speed, and pace, and also analyze jogging, or how to put your foot on the ground.

    The collected information, through a dedicated mobile application, is then sent to the company’s servers, where they analyze the artificial intelligence. It helps to create an individual training plan and provides tips to improve your training. This helps the athlete not only have better performance, but can also reduce the risk of injury.

  • MSI showed Tablet with tegrą

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    Not only did Apple present its first multimedia tablet. MSI also wants to have something like this on offer and has shown the MSI Tablet, a device featuring a colorful 10 “touch screen, based on the Nvidia’s Tegra platform.

    Apple is not the only one, and certainly not the first company to launch its own tablet. Just mention the Archos 5, the device is cheaper than the iPad, and in addition, equipped with as much as 160GB disk. Your tablet also has Toshiba, and now similar device has announced MSI – producer of good and cheap netbooks.

    MSI has confirmed its own tablet, which will hit stores in the second half of this year. Equipped with a 10 “color screen and built-in WiFi, it will work on Tegra platform, developed by Nvidia. The tablet will probably work on Android, at least in the prototype shown at this year’s CES.

  • The best phablet on the market?

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    During the already completed Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, ​​one of the most interesting stands was the OPPO Chinese company. The device that attracted the most attention was a 5.9-inch phablet equipped with a rotating camera.

    The rotating mechanism of the camera may not be extremely innovative, but it proves that Chinese companies have ended up with a policy of copying everything that falls into the spotlight, and has focused on creating trends. Especially since this solution works very well and the device has nothing to do with “cheap chinese”.

    On the video below you can see what exactly is the idea of ​​a rotary camera.

    The quality of the device makes the impression that plastic used much closer to the ones known from Nokia than Samsung. The matt surface is even “nice to the touch”, and thanks to rounding the back panel, the N1 is perfectly in the palm despite its right size.

    The OPPO N1 does not differ from its competitors, the 5.9-inch Full HD display, 2GB RAM, and the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 make Android running smoothly and smoothly.

    I would be tempted to say that the performance, appearance and rotating 13 megapixel camera equates the slight advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hardware. If I were to choose one of these two phablets, I would have no hesitation in choosing the one from China.

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