• Breathalyzer on the wrist

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    Milo Sensors has developed a practical breathalyzer and the size of a typical smart strap. A small bracelet monitors and warns the presence of alcohol in the body.

    Consuming even a small amount of alcohol, such as a business meeting, may result in your blood sugar limit being exceeded. Not to mention those who do not realize that a few hours sleep may not be enough to regenerate after a heavily drunk party. Anyway, it is worth being sure of total sobriety before you sit behind the wheel.

    So far used breathalyzers, although they fulfill their primary function, are hardly to be called excessively comfortable to use. Milo Sensors has decided to do something about it and has created a model that we can always have with us and not be afraid we will lose it. The product called Proof is a breathalyzer worn in the form of a wrist strap.

    It is equipped with special electrochemical sensors and replaceable cartridges that allow you to analyze the skin’s metabolites. The measurement results are then sent to the app on a smartphone with an Android or iOS platform. In this way, the user can control the blood alcohol level on an ongoing basis.

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