• Ovation behind the wheel drowns instinctive reactions

    Ashley Daniels . . #Default 

    There is no doubt that using a smartphone while driving a car and writing text messages during this time is a serious threat, so it is a traffic violation. However, the researchers found that not only distracted the attention, but also suppressed instinct.

    Instinct is a sense that helps to prevent distraction and protects us from the threat of life. Unfortunately, this sense does not always work as it should, and is probably the worst one when driving a car, we write a smartphone text message.

    University of Houston researchers have decided to see if this is indeed the case and have conducted their own research on several volunteers who have traveled four times over the selected stretch of highway. During the first drive the drivers were fully focused on the road, but during the subsequent passes several methods were used to dispel their attention.

    The first test was a cognitive challenge, a second emotional one, and the third was the SMS writing on the smartphone. It turned out that in the third test the participants achieved the worst results.

    So why different forms of distraction give different results? One of the researchers participating in the test explains that simultaneous cognitive, emotional and sensory motor conflict significantly increases stress levels. This causes our motorbike to begin to fail, which can result in poorer reflexes as well as poorer coordination of movements, making the driver less confident.

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