• Smart shoes for runners

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    Modern technology has also come to the footwear for athletes. Sensoria and Vivobarefoot have developed a new model for such runners, which, thanks to built-in sensors, allow them to run faster and more safely.

    To achieve today’s results in sports, it is not enough to rely solely on the coach’s experience, as it is not very useful at present. Nowadays, modern technologies are used to analyze the progress of exercise and to identify which components need to be improved in order to achieve a better effect.

    Such technology is becoming more and more common in running shoes and a new type of footwear was presented by Sensoriai and the famous manufacturer of sports shoes Vivobarefoot. The shoes are equipped with two microprocessors and four sensors located near the heel. Using GPS, they measure, speed, and pace, and also analyze jogging, or how to put your foot on the ground.

    The collected information, through a dedicated mobile application, is then sent to the company’s servers, where they analyze the artificial intelligence. It helps to create an individual training plan and provides tips to improve your training. This helps the athlete not only have better performance, but can also reduce the risk of injury.

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