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    Winter sports lovers who love to film their frenzy are no longer required to use GoPro cameras. The Australian company Forcite Helmet Systems has developed a technologically advanced ski helmet called Alpine, which offers the user many useful features.

    Australia is a country where snow will not be seen, but it is the company Forcite Helmet Systems, has created a ski helmet Alpine, which will soon be seen on the most popular slopes of the world. Protecting the user’s head during a fall is a secondary function here because the product has many other uses.

    Its biggest advantage is the built-in Full HD 160-degree field of view, which allows you to shoot movies at 120 frames per second. Thus, with its help, particularly spectacular scenes recorded in slow motion. Of course there is an image stabilization system that is very useful for bumpy journeys, as well as a set of small reflectors that illuminate the road and illuminate the recording.

    Alpine also has a Bluetooth module that you can use to communicate with our smartphone, so you can listen to your music through the built-in stereo helmet speakers, as well as make phone calls, where an integrated noise-canceling microphone is useful. The Bluetooth module also provides wireless communication with other helmet users at a distance of 50 meters.

    This is not all the advantages of this product. The helmet is equipped with an impact sensor that detects the fall, as well as an emergency transmitter that sends GPS coordinates and user height information. The transmitter activates automatically at the moment of impact or can be turned on manually.

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